Vineyards on Waiheke Island

Getaways to discover the vineyards and all they have to offer

All visitors on Waiheke Island are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which vineyard to visit for a relaxing long lunch – there are currently over 30 vineyards on the Island!

We strongly advise that you call all Waiheke Island vineyards to make reservations and to check opening hours to avoid disappointment. In summer this is essential as visitor numbers to Waiheke Island are high and some vineyards may be closed to the public for private functions. During the colder months, hours are reduced so make sure you call ahead to avoid going hungry (and thirsty!).

Batch Winery, Waiheke Island
129 Carson’s Road – +64 9 372 3223

Waiheke Island Batch Winery

Batch Winery is a family owned, state of the art winery located at Waiheke Islands’ highest vineyard. They produce Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Flora and have an element of uniqueness being the only winery to produce and bottle sparkling wines on site.

Not only do they offer wine, they also offer fantastic food at Thomas’s Bach. Whether you are looking for a long lunch with your family or high tea with your clique, Thomas’s Bach will have a delicious option for you!

For reservations and opening hours please visit the Batch Winery website.

Cable Bay Vineyard, Waiheke Island
12 Nick Johnston Drive, Oneroa – +64 9 372 5889


Cable Bay is known as the perfect combination of fine food, award winning wines and breath taking views. Their first vineyard was planted on Waiheke Island in 1998, starting with Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Gris. Since this time they have grown to produce over 10 varietals throughout New Zealand.

There are two on-site restaurants available at Cable Bay Vineyard – The Dining Room & The Verandah. From luxurious and elegant, to casual and contemporary – they have it all!

For reservations and opening hours please visit the Cable Bay Vineyard website.

Casita Miro/ Miro Vineyard, Waiheke Island
3 Brown Road, Onetangi – +64 9 372 7854


Miro is the cloest vineyard to Onetangi and has spectacular views looking out to the sea. Specialising in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, Casita Miro has developed a reputation for its ambiance, fine food and wines. The restaurant has been the winner or runner up for the ‘Best Rural Restaurant’ in Metro Magazines Top 50 Auckland Restaurants since 2011.

For reservations and opening hours please visit the Casita Miro website.

Jurassic Ridge, Waiheke Island
144 Church Bay Road, Oneroa – +64 9 372 6602


Jurassic Ridge is a family owned winery found in Church Bay, spreading across seven acres, with views overlooking Church Bay and the Hauraki Gulf islands. The vineyard was established in 2002 and grew to be a great success before the family decided to open another vineyard in the Southern Valleys of Marlborough in 2006.

Jurassic Ridge are proud to label their wine as ‘natural’ or ‘authentic’ as they are suitable for all wine lovers – including vegetarians and vegans!

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Jurassic Ridge website.

Goldie Vineyard/ The Goldie Room, Waiheke Island
18 Causeway Road, Surfdale – +64 9 372 7493

Goldie Vineyard Waiheke Escapes

Goldie Vineyard was established on Waiheke Island in 1978 and has since built world-fame for its fantastic wine. Extending over 12 hectares of land their philosophy is simple – ‘great wine is born in the vineyard’. There are nibbles and gourmet picnic baskets available at the Tasting Room to perfectly match your tasting experience.

There is also a venue area available on the vineyard -the Goldie Room is a modern function venue that overlooks Putiki Bay and can seat anywhere from 15 to 150 people!

For reservations and opening hours please visit the Goldie Room website.

Kennedy Point Vineyard, Waiheke Island
44 Donald Bruce Road, Surfdale – +64 9 372 5600

Kennedy Point Vineyard Waiheke Escapes Waiheke Island

If you are after spectacular views in a relaxed picnic area then Kennedy Point Vineyard is the place for you! The team at Kennedy Point offer a variety of tastings including wine, olive, avocado and honey.

There is a selection fine food on offer with their tasting platters, which are designed to enhance your tasting experience. If you would like a customised tour, or a private function or tasting, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Kennedy Point Vineyard website.

Man O’ War, Waiheke Island
725 Man O’ War Bay Road – +64 9 372 9678

Man O' War Waiheke Escapes Waiheke Island

Established in 1993 and spreading across 150 acres of vines Man O’ War is sure to impress. The Tasting Room provides guests with the opportunity to try one of their delightful wines and a platter with cheeses, olives and other local produce to match. The Man O’ War story begins with a special piece of land which has a rich history. Located at the eastern end of Waiheke Island, Man O’ War is a stunning array of coastal hillsides with high cliffs and pristine beaches forming a ruggedly beautiful coastline.

It was along this coastline that Captain James Cook came to anchor during his first voyage around the islands of New Zealand in 1769. Upon sighting the ancient stands of magnificent Kauri trees ashore, Cook noted in his journals that they would make ideal masts for the Man O’ War battleships of the Royal Navy. Thus the name Man O’ War was bestowed upon this unique land, there is plenty of history to absorb!

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Man O’ War website.

Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, Waiheke Island
126 Church Bay Road, Oneroa – +64 9 372 9050


Mudbrick Vineyard produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Syrah & Tempranillo, as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Viognier.  There are wine tastings and delicious food platters available at the Cellar Door, and the team are happy to take you on a tour of the vineyard if you book ahead.

There is also a fantastic restaurant with magnificent views and delicious meals open for lunch and dinner, as well as a wine bar/ bistro with a beautiful lunch menu available.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Mudbrick website.

Obsidian Vineyard, Waiheke Island
Te Makiri Road, Onetangi – +64 9 372 6100Obsidian Waiheke Escapes, Waiheke Island

You will find Obsidian Vineyard nestled in the hills of Onetangi Valley. It consists of 10 hectares of grape vines, dispersed over four hillsides. Known for their fantastic & flavourful wines they won the 2013 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and a Silver Medal for their Pinot Gris 2013 at the NZ International Wine Show.

The vision of the Obsidian Vineyard team is to produce a family of classic red and white varieties from a single vineyard of innovation.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Obsidian Vineyard website.

Stonyridge Vineyard, Waiheke Island
80 Onetangi Road, Onetangi – +64 9 372 8822


The first Bordeaux vines and olive trees were planted at Stonyridge in 1982 by Stephen White with the help of his family and friends. It was his dream to find a location where Bordeaux grape varieties could be ripened and he found the perfect site on Waiheke Island.

Since this time Stonyridge has become known for its innovation being the first vineyard on Waiheke Island to focus solely on the production of great red wines.

There is a café on site that has a fantastic menu and is described as one of the most romantic and exotic venues in Zealand – for dining, functions and weddings.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Stonyridge website.

Tantalus Estate, Waiheke Island
70 – 72 Onetangi Road, Onetangi  +64 9 372 2625

Tantalus Estate


Tantalus Estate is a premium winegrower situated in the heart of the Onetangi Valley on Waiheke Island. The estate is situated amongst other reputable wineries within walking distance making the valley a great destination to spend the day. A part of Auckland’s Gulf Islands, Waiheke Island is internationally recognised as an iconic wine growing region in New Zealand and is accredited with numerous wine awards and accolades.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the website

Te Motu Vineyard, Waiheke Island
76 Onetangi Road, Onetangi – +64 9 372 6884


Te Motu was established in 1988 when the Dunleavy family purchased 30 acres of land on Waiheke Island. The first vines were planted in 1989 and the first harvest was produced in 1993.

Te Motu’s aim is to master the production of wines of the ‘Bordeaux’ style which is primarily a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Their vision is to achieve this, while continuing to evolve and improve with age.

Their restaurant – The Shed – was a finalist in the ‘Best Destination’ category of the Metro Top 50 2015. The Shed is a modern take on rural dining – with fresh produce full of flavour, all for you to experience while overlooking Onetangi Valley.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Te Motu website.

Te Whau Vineyard, Waiheke Island
218 Te Whau Drive, Te Whau Point – +64 9 372 7191


Te Whau Vineyard planted its first vines in 1996 after being purchased by the Forsyth family in 1993. In 1999 the first wines were produced – the award-winning ‘The Point’ and the Te Whau Chardonnay. Te Whau is described as the perfect spot to enjoy great wine and food, with views overlooking the vineyard and looking back over the water to Auckland City.

The Te Whau Restaurant also has incredible views of Rangitoto Island and Auckland City, and has many prestigious awards under its belt. The restaurant is open for dining as well as private functions so be sure to book ahead if you would like to join the team at Te Whau for lunch or dinner!

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Te Whau website.

Passage Rock Wines, Waiheke Island
438 Orapiu Road, RD1, Waiheke Island – +64 9 372 7257

Passage Rock Wines Waiheke Island

Producing Waiheke Islands most awarded wines; you won’t be disappointed with your trip to Passage Rock. The Passage Rock Reserve Syrah has won 18 Gold Medals and 6 trophies so it is sure to please!

There is a Bistro offering a variety of scrumptious platters, plates and desserts for lunch – intended for the whole family to enjoy. From delicious platters of local oysters, to wood fire pizzas and fish and chips for the kids, they have something on the menu to suit all!

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Passage Rock website.

Peacock Sky, Waiheke Island 
152 Trig Hill Road, Onetangi – +64 9 950 4386

Peacock Sky Waiheke Island

Peacock Sky are a 2015 winner of the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence awards meaning that they have been recognised by traveller’s as providing a fantastic service! Peacock Sky has a Tasting Room and a restaurant – Le Cote de la Colline – open to those visiting Waiheke Island.

Peacock Sky produces a range of varietals including Blanc de Noirs, Merlot Malbec, Pure Merlot, Chardonnay, Rose and much more! At the Tasting Room you are able to experience Food Pairing – the art of understanding the balance between ‘weight’ of both food and wine to produce an outstanding match! The restaurant has gourmet meals available as well as options to suit the kids – perfect for a family getaway on Waiheke Island.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Peacock Sky website.

Poderi Crisci, Waiheke Island
205 Awaawaroa Road, Awaawaroa Bay – +64 9 372 2148

Poderi Crisci Waiheke Island

Poderi Crisci is a family owned vineyard and restaurant inspired by Italy and traditional winemaking. The vineyard extends across 7.7 hectares of land with the first merlot being planted in 2000. Due to the success of these vines, there have since been more varieties planted as well as vegetable gardens – both of which were planted during 2008.

The Poderi Crisci restaurant opened in 2010, based on a vision to transform Waiheke Island into a place people will visit to ‘wine, dine and have layers of experience’. In 2014 they were named one of the Metro Top 50 restaurants and their Sunday Long Lunch is well worth putting in the diary!

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Poderi Crisci website.

Wild on Waiheke, Waiheke Island
82 Onetangi Road, Onetangi – +64 9 372 3434


Wild on Waiheke provides a range of activities to those visiting Waiheke Island. It offers wine and beer tasting along with outdoor activities such as archery and laser clay pigeon shooting. It is the perfect venue for functions as well as family and group activities.

There is also a café and bar open for lunch that specialise in gourmet platters and other scrummy options suitable for the whole family.

For bookings and opening hours please visit the Wild on Waiheke website.